Where was Ashish Khetan during the court’s hearing at Amritsar?

In the defamation case filed by the Punjab Revenue Minister Bikram Singh Majithia, the Chief Minister of Delhi and AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal appeared in the court during the hearing. The other AAP leader Ashish Khetan’s name was also mentioned in the case. The AAP leaders were issued summons on July 18 but they declined of receiving the summon on the mentioned day.

On July 29, the AAP supremo appeared in Amritsar court during the hearing of defamation case. However, the AAP leader Ashish Khetan was not present during the hearing. As per the information, he had cited illness as the reason for his exemption.

Khetan had stated that he was advised by his doctor for the bed rest of three days so it was not possible for him to attend the hearing. While it appeared as valid reason and he was even denied exemption from the court but he was later exposed lying red-handedly as he was seen making political statement on news channel on July 31.

Later, it became clear that Khetan had deliberately applied for the exemption as he did not want to face the people in Amritsar for his remarks for Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.As he was seen defending his party for the poor management of sewerage and drainage by the Delhi government.

Khetan had equated the AAP Punjab youth manifesto with holy scripture, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and even the poster of manifesto carried the picture of a broom with a sacred Golden temple. The AAP leaders had played a big stunt to woo the Punjabis but it resulted opposite and the party faced criticism for insulting the Sikhism. Khetan had apologised for the remarks but Kejriwal played a stunt of performing sewa at Golden temple.

Khetan is also a party in the defamation case filed by the Revenue Minister of Punjab as they levelled allegations against the incumbent minister. Khetan deliberately avoided the hearing as he knew that it would result in strong criticism of the people in Amritsar for his remarks. So he was scared and avoided the hearing by making an excuse
of his bad health to the court. However, he was found busy on the television channel during the day of the hearing.

Finally,it is unearthed that Khetan was scared from the ire of people of Punjab for his remarks and that’s why he made a false excuse to the court.

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