Why Delhi youth is disillusioned with AAP1

When the Aam Aadmi Party was founded by Arvind Kejriwal, the youth was very much excited as this was the first time in the country when the youth had seen prospects in the participatory politics. Moreover, the youth perceived AAP as an alternative to routine politics.

During its maiden assembly elections in 2013, the party had taken a centre stage in Delhi as the majority of the youth were voluntary supporters of the party. First time in the history of the country, a one-year-old party successfully won 28 seats. While founding the party the AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal had promised to give a neat and clean politics. It was also projected that the party would not make any alliance with another party.

However, the Chief Minister of Delhi resigned after forming the government in 2014 and completed only 49 days. At that time, the AAP formed the government by taking the support of the other party legislators. The resignation stunt played by Kejriwal had successfully convinced the youth to believe him that another party is not supporting and moreover, hurdles had been created in his way.

Why Delhi youth is disillusioned with AAP

The youth of Delhi was still with the Kejriwal and the second time the party won the assembly elections with a landslide victory. Again the youth was the major factor in AAP’s historical win.

The ruling government of AAP has completed 16 months in Delhi and at present, the youth is being disillusioned with AAP. The major reason for the disillusionment is the backstabbing of AAP against the youth.

When the AAP was formed the youth had seen a visionary and missionary politics. Moreover, the youth encouraged to participate voluntarily in politics and supported AAP. Even a new hope for youth raised to join the politics as it was really difficult for the youth to go for other political parties.

However, the AAP did live up to the expectations of the youth of Delhi. All the promises made to the youth remained in papers only and failed to take off practically.

The employment, education facilities, free wifi and clean politics were just an illusion created by AAP for the youth. The dream of crime free politics dashed into the grounds when the law minister Jitender Singh Tomar arrested for possessing a fake degree.

Another cabinet minister Somnath Bharti was arrested in case of domestic violence. Curtains rose on the image of AAP leaders gradually and the legislators of AAP are not involved in criminal activities. Moreover, the core team of AAP headed by Arvind Kejriwal has been giving chances to their blue-eyed boys and the youth is being ignored by the party.

The tainted faces inducted in the party and the youth who anticipated going for political career are finally saying goodbye to the party as volunteers and workers.

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