weired fashion trends

Wierd Fashion Traditions From Around the World

As Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Dressing is a way of life.” So fashion traditions really are a great way of gaining insight into another culture. It’s purely a form of art, a time in history, an integral part of modern culture, and a way for people all over the world to express themselves.

From the lovable Lederhosen in Germany to the quirky kilt in Scotland, there truly are some weird and wonderful clothing items out there that you won’t believe exist until you check them out…


The Poncho From Chile

The Ushanka From Russia

The Gho From Bhutan

The Drindl From Austria

The Sombrero Vueltiao From Colombia

The Beret From France

Lederhosen From Germany

Babouches From Morocco

The Kimono From Japan

Clogs From The Netherlands

The Gele From Nigeria

Salvars From Turkey

The Bunad From Norway

The Conical Hat From Vietnam

The Kilt From Scotland

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