Win For Equality!!! Govt Passes Transgender Bill

Good News for India, we are progressing towards a better tomorrow. The Union Cabinet in aim to empower transgender approved The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2016, on Wednesday 20th July. The bill puts in place provision for stringent punishment, including imprisonment up to two years, for discrimination and offences against them. The bill also mention that transgenders who by birth doesn’t belong to Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes may be declared members of the Backward Classes, and would be entitled for reservation under the exisiting ceiling for OBC’s.

This is not it, with the implementation of the new bill, government will also start with schemes to provide them with scholarships, textbooks and hostel accomdation and also include cases of sexual offense against transgender persons.

“The bill will benefit a large number of transgender persons, mitigate the stigma, discrimination and abuse against this marginalised section and bring them into the mainstream of society,” an official statement said. 

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