Yadav’s role in Quran desecration exposed AAP

The recent arrest of AAP legislator Naresh Yadav in the involvement of sacred Quran Sharif desecration case occurred in Malerkotla last month has shocked the masses.

A party that won the hearts of people by boasting of its secularity and honesty is now under the scanner for spoiling the peaceful atmosphere of Punjab. Malerkotla, a Muslim populated city where all communities live together in the harmony and the incident of desecration of Quran Sharif was aimed to create unrest in the city as well as in the state.

The incident had disturbed peace in Malerkotla where police had handled the situation well and along with two persons, six cops were injured when the incident occurred in the last week of June. Right from the initial stages of the investigations, the police was suspicious about the role of the political organisations.

Truth can be eclipsed but never be extinguished. The saying perfectly suits well on AAP party as the police finally caught the right person who was behind the incident. The AAP legislator’s role is proved by the police with the sufficient evidence and during the two days of police custody of Naresh Yadav, there would be more revelations.

AAP leadership is firing salvos at rival parties alleging that Yadav has been framed falsely in the case. However, the evidence against Yadav is sufficient to prove him a culprit. According to the police, one of the arrested accused Vijay Kumar was in touch with Yadav and the entire incident was pre-planned. The accused confessed to the court that Yadav had instigated him to perform the task. The call records and conversations between Vijay and Yadav before the incident proved that both were constantly exchanged calls so that the task should be done properly.

This is not the first time when AAP party has tried to create disturbance in the state. Malerkotla city was chosen by AAP so that the both Hindu and Muslim communities could have clashed with each other and the situation would be disturbed which would favour the AAP leadership to dupe the people of Punjab.

However, everything is crystal clear that who was behind the scene. Earlier, AAP leadership had tried to create unrest in the state when the party supported Sarbhat Khalsa congregation. All the resolutions were supported unconditionally by AAP Punjab convener.

Even the AAP party published the posters in which the picture of AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal with the slain militant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was published along with AAP Punjab leaders. The party had urged the people of Punjab in the posters to celebrate the birth anniversary of Bhindranwale. An appeal was made to the public that the
AAP workers would preach the lessons given by Bhindranwale on his birth anniversary.

Sometimes coincidences may happen but every time when the same thing happens it means it’s a conspiracy. AAP has been hatching the conspiracies since the beginning of this year as the polls are approaching. The party has played up the cheap politics and it’s also indicated that the party has been playing in the hands of anti-national forces who want to create disturbance in the state.

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