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India is one of the fastest growing economy of the world. As per the facts, the youth population consist of 40 percent of the total population of India and Indian youth have been playing a major role in all spheres.

Youth introducing new dimensions in entrepreneurship1

In the era of globalisation, the new pass outs from the country’s top ranking Engineering institutes are opening up their own ventures instead of going for the jobs. Flipkart is the perfect example of entrepreneurship set by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. The young graduates from IIT started their own venture in 2007. Both hails from Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab and Haryana.

Youth introducing new dimensions in entrepreneurship2

Trishneet Arora, 23 years old from Punjab has set an example in entrepreneurship in the country. Arora is one of the youngest cyber security experts in the country. He has been providing services to the corporates for the protection of their data.

In Gurdaspur, Punjab, a teenage boxer Chetan Sharma left the sport to run his own business of strawberry farming. He is now 21 years old and successfully growing strawberries in two acres of land which he had taken on lease. Interestingly, in the area of two acres of land, Sharma earning profit of Rs 9 lakhs from per acres.

A lot of examples can be seen in the country where the youth has given new dimensions in entrepreneurship. But, such examples are very few as the majority of youth need some guidance or hand holding.

India needs a proper policy and implementation of the scheme. In countries like Japan and China, the government has introduced a lot of policies and schemes for the welfare of youth. The governments provide full support to the youth for setting up their own ventures and moreover, there are training centres where the youth’s talent is channelized.

In India, though the government has introduced schemes for the youth but there is lack of awareness about such initiatives. There should be proper training centres and institutions in the country where the youth could be trained in different practices.

Institutions and training centres at state level should be established so that the youth could get information and coaching regarding their respective areas of interest. The right kind of education should be imparted to the youth which makes them scientific, logical, responsible and honest. The youth of the country is energetic, enthusiastic. Our government should focus on the constructive use of power of the youth for the betterment of the country.

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